Ship Security Plans (SSP)




Ship Security Plans (SSP)
  • The evaluation of the Ship Security Plans (SSP)

ST Education & Training (STET) is recognized by the Panama Maritime Authority as one of the RSOs responsible for the evaluation of Ship Security Plans (SSP). In order for your application to be processed, companies are required to send the following documents.

1.       Ship Security Assessment (SSA) Report

The SSA Report consists of summary of how the assessment was conducted, a description of each vulnerability found during the assessment and a description of counter measures that could be used to address each vulnerability. Our sample report serves as a guideline and it consists of the followings:

  1.       Identification of possible threat motives and potential security risks for the ship
  2.       Identification & evaluation of key shipboard operations that it is important to protect
  3.       Identification of possible threat scenario to key shipboard operations and assess the likelihood of those occurrences
  4.       On-scene Security Survey

For sample of a Ship Security Assessment Report, please click here

2.       Ship Security Plan (SSP)

The preparation of the SSP will require the vulnerability that was surfaced during the SSA be addressed. The content of each individual SSP would vary depending on the particular ship it covers.

For Sample of a Ship Security Plan, please click here

3.       SSA/SSP Checklist

You are also required to submit the checklist as one of the supporting documents. This is to ensure that the criteria are being met.

·         For STET Checklist, please click here

You may submit all supporting documents to

  • The verification of the Ship Security Plans (SSP)

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